Last Weekend.

An hour southeast of Austin lies the city of Giddings.  If you travel just outside of this small town, you’ll find a ranch, 120 acres, with a small cabin built 40 years ago.   What you will also find, if you’re visiting in the spring, is fields filled with wildflowers.  Orange ones, blue ones, yellow ones, green ones.  An oasis, really.  And a scene that cannot be adequately replicated regardless of how fancy you think your camera is.  

Saturday, March 29th was a day that will never escape my mind.  It was a dear friend’s birthday, and a weekend getaway.

The drive to the ranch was a true test of self control.  “I won’t stop until I get there,” I said to myself as I passed field after field of dense bluebonnet patches.  Although I was armed with my camera and my dog, I knew better opportunities awaited me.  It was going well, I was making good time, until I took a wrong turn.  That was enough.  I conceded to my inner desires.  I stopped the car and sent Sid out into the field for a few photos!

It was worth it, I must admit.  And only a few minutes later we had arrived at the ranch.  

The land is owned by the family of my friend and previous roommate, his name is Davey.  Davey greeted me at the gate.  He pulled up in a Mule, a rugged off road vehicle designed to effortlessly traverse the land.  He was followed by a couple of mutts, and a Shiba Inu.

He led me to the cabin.  A small, but spacious structure built by his grandfather in the 70’s.  Sid and I received a warm embrace from the birthday girl, Holli, as well as two other friends, Will and Melissa.  

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the weekend at the ranch.  Once the rest of the ranch goers arrived, we had a few adult beverages, and made our way to the field a few hundred yards away.  

The sight was majestic.  We were greeted by a sea of blue flowers that appeared to float above the fertile earth.  I remember comparing them to the stalactites that hang from cave ceilings, the ones that emit light.

Holli and Melissa took to wandering about in the field.  Frolicking about like a couple of fairies in a Disney movie.

It wasn’t long before the sun began to set.  

A feeling of jubilation consumed us all; we grinned ear to ear.  Everything and everyone was beautiful and perfect.  

I wanted so badly for my camera to perform the magic necessary to accurately capture what I was experiencing.  But to no avail.  And with that I succeeded the beauty of the moment, set my camera down, and stared into the sky as the cool breeze flowed over my body.

The noises of the insects, the rustling of the trees and the laughter in the distance provided the soundtrack for this moment.

As the sun drifted below the horizon, the stars began to take it’s place.  But for a moment, both shared the sky, separated only by a gradient of clouds.  

Several of us walked by to the cabin.  I built a fire.  Holli poked fun at my inner Boy Scout, watching as a meticulously manicured the pile of sticks in front of me.  “That’s a lot of smoke!” She said, implying I was doing it wrong.  

Let me just tell you! I’ve built a fire or two in my day, and it was only a matter of time until the fire was raging (perfectly, if you ask me).  


We sat around and talked about this and that.  Sipping mini Corona’s.  They were an accidental purchase, but it was fun to feel like a giant with the tiny bottle in our palms.  


Sid was having himself a heck of a time.  Sniffing out the freshest of the fresh to roll around in.  He always likes to smell like something.  I just wish it were flowers rather than the mounds of cow sh*t and dead animals he settled for.  Needless to say, Sid slept alone.

Soon, the moonless sky turned dark, the clouds cleared out and it all began to twinkle; as if the every star in the sky had come out to say “hello”.  

Melissa, Maggie and Holli stared intently into an area of the sky where they swore they saw an orb dancing.  

Laughter was everywhere.  Beautiful minds, bodies and souls occupied this fair acreage.  And one by one, each retired for the evening.

It was Davey, Holli and I who were the last to go.  

I don’t believe I could have asked for a better adventure.  The people, the place, the weather, the atmosphere, all perfect.  I slept under the stars, breathing that cold, clean air.  Waking up I felt like a new person, in a new world.  I couldn’t help but express my love for everyone and everything.  It’s not often that you can have such a beautiful experience.  And when they come around, you really do have to cherish it.

We all headed back to Austin, back to our daily routine.  Personally, I feel like we all left a little bit better, maybe even a little more evolved.  

I’m thankful to have the photos from this day.  I look forward to seeing them again in ten years, to remind myself who I was and who I wanted to be on this day.

I’d like to leave you with a quote, from a band called Built to Spill.  

“It takes up all of your life, these decisions you make.  It takes up all of a day, making them all.”

Whatever it is, cherish it!  

As always, thanks for stopping by.  

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