Devin Willow.

This past month marked my third March in Austin.  It wasn't until this now that I realized how wonderful spring in Texas is.  I think it's safe to say that Austin is thankful for the rain we received that allowed these flowers to be so abundant. 

Driving around Austin, along the interstate and on the rural roads, you see the dense fields of blue, orange and yellow.  This rare sight was the motivation for my most recent shoot.

My friend, Devin, was as eager as I to take advantage of the natural wonder.  We drove around for about 30 minutes before we came upon the perfect field.  Below is a geolocation to the field. 

It's shoots like these that make my life easy.  When you add a beautiful girl to a sea of beautiful flowers, creating a beautiful image is effortless.

Check out the photos from the shoot below.  If you feel so compelled, please leave your comments! I'd love your feedback.

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