Geocache Quest

The area of the greenbelt we explored.  The entrance off Scottish Woods Trail.

The greenbelt is a wonderful place, and a place I visit frequently.  It would seem Sid and I know this beautiful stretch of land front to back.  It was only until we decided to deviate from the beaten path that we realized how much we haven't seen.

That's what we did a few days ago.  It was me, Sid and the roommates.  Heather was looking rather dashing on this afternoon, and I just happened to have my camera (go figure), so I put it to work.

We soon came upon a look out.  A view of the land that took your breath away.  

Heather posed for a photo, while taking one of her own.  

As I began to compose my shot I heard rustling coming from my right.  It was a couple of Rottweiler-mixes, drudging along like a couple of hound dogs.  They were followed by a man named Randall.  Randall looked like a mountain man.  He was a handsome man, sporting a scruffy grey beard and short grey hair.  He had kind eyes, and was fitted head to toe in Columbia gear.  Enjoying a Monday afternoon hike.

He stopped to chat with us for a moment.  His dogs investigated my backpack and camera. Randall lived near, and he told us about a geocache that was just around the bend.  He hosted it, and was quite proud.  This was evident by the smile on his face and the business card that he gave us.  It provided the coordinates to his box of goodies.  

"When the trail splits," he said, "keep left, there will be an old dump truck.  My geocache is just behind it on the ridge."  He wished us luck on our quest and continued on his hike.  

And with that, we had the quintessential Austin experience.  Just people being people, with only good intentions in mind.

Three quarters of a mile up, we came to the truck.

Check out the photos below.  If you enjoy them, I'd love to hear about it. 

And then there's Sid...