Colorado. The story of the perpetually frozen fingers.

Last month I made a trip to Colorado.  The purpose of the trip was to go snowboarding and see some friend who I hadn't seen in a while.  Let me introduce you to the characters of this story...

Travis: Quite. Stoic. Lover of all things adventure.  

Heather: Beautiful. Bubbly. Tinder's newest knockout.

Drew: Chill. Totally epic on a board. Grilled cheese master.

Keith: Hipster. Outdoorsmen. Twerk off champion two years running,

Jeanine: Caligirl. Action junky. Srirachi grilled cheese kinda girl.

George: Knower of many things.  Insightful. Willing to clean up any food related mess with his tongue.


Let me say, before I get to deep into this story, that Colorado is much colder than Texas.  This post is going to be riddled with references to temperature.  You've been warned.

I arrived in Denver and it was -6º outside.  If there is any one out there who has difficulty understanding symbols, I'll write it out...


Saying the whether was overwhelming cold would be an understatement.  But I digress.

Once I'd arrived, my good buddy, Travis, picked me up from the airport.

There was much rejoicing.

Soon, we had arrived at the mansion of a house that Travis called home.  Travis moved to Denver, from Boulder, a few weeks prior to my visit.  He still works in Boulder, but happily makes the commute.  The house he lives in, is large but unfinished.  It was previously a 13 unit apartment building, and most of the renovations are still in the works.

I dropped my things off in the room that I was provided, and we got ready to go out.  A friend, Keith, was tending bar near by.  I hadn't seen him in over a year so we decided we'd head over.  We tossed around the idea of taking a cab, but decided to walk.  Travis assured me it was only five or six blocks.  No big deal, right?

Unfortunately, Travis's limited time in Denver resulted a general lack in geographical awareness.  That five or six blocks was actually 15-16 blocks, and the temperature remained a balmy negative six degrees

We arrived at the bar, after sprinting the final five blocks.  I think Travis experienced some regret in his decision not to wear a hat (don't tell his mother).  Keith served us up a couple of hot cider drinks and it was only a matter of weeks before the feeling in my fingers returned. (I wish I were joking).

Keith got off work after we'd been there for a bit.  He drove us to another bar where we meet a few more friends.  The plan was to head to Silverthorne in the morning.  Silverthorne is a mountain city, about an hour west of Denver, where our friend had a condo (with a hot tub, WOOT!).  Of course we stayed out too late.  Which resulted in us getting a late start on the day.  But better late than never.

Travis rented a tight whip for the trip.  A Nissan, of sorts.

Tight whip pictured below

It was a relatively short drive to Silverthorne.  Snow was in the forecast for the weekend.  We stopped at a local grocery store to gather supplies.

And alcohol.  That's a supply, right?

Finally, we arrived at the condo.  It was a good sized house, four bedroom, two baths and a two car garage.  The fourth of the four bedrooms was in the basement.  It had two futons and two bunk beds.  The perfect set up for weekend warriors making the trip out from Denver.

The fireplace was roaring when we arrived.  The house, very cozy.

I hadn't seen my friend Drew in quite a while, so we had some catching up to do.  I also met his girlfriend, Jeanine, for the first time.

Travis and I got settled in, and then it was dinner time.  

Drew was whipping up some uber fancy grilled cheese sandwiches.  I think it's safe to call them uber fancy given they included Sriracha and turkey, along with the pairing of tomato soup.  The perfect cold weather meal, really.

"You're doing it wong."

Jeanine was offering advice on how to make grilled cheeses.  Whether or not her advice was asked for or appreciated was left in question...

We ate ourselves fat, and became very merry.  

Drew had an after dinner treat for us. 

Recently, Colorado legalized a certain organic substance for recreational use.  We partook accordingly.  When in Rome, or something, right?


We sat around the rest of the night, watching the Olympics, and then hit the hay.  The next day was going to be my first time snowboarding in over two years.

I got a good night's rest and awoke chipper and spry, eager to get onto the mountain. 

Travis was doing some work on his board, while Drew was getting his snow mobile ready.

It was a little after 9am when he headed to Breckenridge.  It had snowed overnight and everyone was eager to hit the slopes.  The roads were pretty slick, but this isn't Texas, people know how to drive.  And I guess it doesn't hurt that most of the vehicles have four wheel drive.

We arrived at the base of the mountain and were surrounded by fellow mountain goers eager to take advantage of the day's first runs.

Fresh powder, shreddin' the gnar, yadda yadda yadda...

As much as I wanted to, I was advised against taking my camera up on the mountain.  Which was probably a good idea, but I'm always willing to take the risky route if it results in a good photo.

I didn't get the epic jump photos I was hoping to get.  I have quite a few of the in betweens, though.  By in betweens, I mean driving between the mountain and home... 

Travis and I stayed another couple of nights at the condo before heading back to Denver.  It was great to make new friends.  Heather (pictured above) and Jeanine were a delight to meet.  They were also much better at snowboarding than I was.  I learned quickly that fresh powder isn't my friend.

All in all, I felt like a faired pretty well.  I had a great time, with the exception of being ill prepared in the finger and toe warmth departments.

Below are a few more photos from the final day spend in Silverthorne.  Specifically of Drew making faces.

We made our way back to Denver.  Travis had to work.  His Sunday work shifts begin at 5:00pm and go for 24 straight hours.  So once we got back to town, I met back up with my friend Keith and I stayed with him.  

Keith's plant.

George & Keith

This was where I met George, the dog.  Keith, George and I hung out, watched the Olympics, made soup.  You know, stuff guys do.  But before long, Kieth had to part from us to attend class.

This was when the George/Alex bonding time began.

George told me about life in Colorado.  

It was a grand time.  Like listening to a war vet recount their experiences.  Except fewer spoken words, and more left open to interpretation.  Regardless, I'm pretty sure George was enjoying Colorado life.  I'm pretty sure he has a girlfriend named June, too.

Or not, sometimes he was difficult to read.  It may have been a burrito he was talking about.

The next morning, I met back up with Jeanine and Drew.  They gave me a little tour of Denver.  I got to see Red Rocks, which was quite the sight.  Seeing a concert at that venue is definitely on my bucket list.

Drew and Jeanine dropped me off at the airport later in the day.  I can't help but reflect how amazing the people around me are, and how fortuntate I am to know them.

I had a great five days, and I can't wait to do it again.  Next time I'll just have to better prepare!

I want to thank you, if you actually read everything I wrote.  And as always, I'd love to hear from you.  So be sure to comment below.

I'll also post the photos that didn't make the cut.  Those can be found below!