Croatia, but mostly a post about Frisbee

A few weeks ago I went to the Grand Canyon.  It was an epic adventure and reinforced my love for travel.  When I got home I began entertaining the idea of moving somewhere exotic.  In the beginning, New Zealand occupied the majority of my google search queries.  As I searched more, quite a few option I would never have considered came up.  Suddenly I found myself looking at Croatia.

Why Croatia?

  • Predominantly English speaking
  • Beautiful country with gorgeous islands, building, character and culture
  • Extremely low cost of living ($200 for a two bedroom house)
  • An Adriatic Sea away from Italy
  • Recently became a part of the European Union
  • Tourism & economy are on the rise
  • Croatia is where Sid wanted to go (I think)

So that's how the decision came about.  Since then, I've been reaching out to friends asking for advice.  Fortunately, I know quite a few travelers.  My friend, Travis, recently visited Croatia so I asked for his advice.  I also reached out to me friend, Mike, who is a world traveler currently living in Rio.  It wasn't long before there innocent conversations got a little more serious.

The idea went from Sid and I moving, to Travis, Mike, Sid and I moving.  I couldn't be more elated to embark on a journey with this group!  We're planning to arrive in Split, Croatia, in the beginning of June!

But this decision comes with a heavy heart! I am going to miss Austin.  I am especially going to miss the people, the city, the lifestyle and the frisbee.  On Friday I brought my camera to frisbee.  I didn't plan on playing because of foot injury, but of course I did.  Between rests I broke out my camera and took some photos.  

It wasn't until a few days later that I looked at the images.  As I flipped through them I couldn't help but realize how much this game and this group of people.

Frisbee is my release.  It's my escape from those daily stressors.  It's a place where I don't think about anything, because I don't have to.  The endorphin release keeps a smile on my face for hours.  There is nothing more exhilarating than chasing down a frisbee, scoring a goal or rejoicing with teammates after an epic play.  We all have different ways of maintaining sanity in this often crazy, unpredictable world.  Some of us turn to yoga, meditation, reading, sitting in the sun, golfing, going to church, working on a project, running or hanging with friends.  It's all so relative, and when you've found what it is for you, it's irreplaceable.   

If my body would allow it, I would play frisbee everyday.  If you're still looking for your release, something that allows you to disconnect, I implore you to give frisbee a try!

I moved to Austin two years ago.  I didn't know a single person, and had never been to the city. I can't help but feel fortunate to have been introduced to such a welcoming group of frisbee goers.  This community is going to be tough to replace.  I will surely miss seeing these faces 3-5 times a week!

Hope you enjoy the album, and I'm looking forward to seeing you out playing ultimate before I depart!

Thanks for stopping by!