My Weekend, and My Portrait Project

I had a great weekend, if you were wondering.  I was sure my ailing ankle would limit my Saturday activities, and if I was being conservative (or responsible), it should have.

Friday I scouted some locations for an engagement session on Saturday.  My friend, Chaeli, joined me, and whether she expected it or not, she became my photographical test subject.  A role she is more than capable of.  

Saturday, the engagement shoot began in the late afternoon, and I couldn't have had a better time.  Of course they insisted that Sid be present during the shoot, and I happily obliged.  We wrapped up as the sun went down, and shared couple of Busch Lights before parting ways.  Immediately after, I headed to Omaha to meet with a dear friend who recently returned from visiting his family Saudi Arabia.

When I arrived, I encountered a group people I hadn't seen in a long while.  They were preparing for the annual Masquerade that takes place at House of Loom, a bar in Downtown Omaha.  Several members of the group were visiting from San Francisco.  Two of which were going to be DJing the event, something many Omaha folk were in great anticipation of.

They were all getting prepared for the evening.  Each dressed to the nines.  

I hadn't planned on attending the event because I was fearful that dancing on the ankle I had injured a few weeks prior, would do nothing to help the healing process.  I was just excited at the opportunity to get a few photos of old friends before they headed out.  The photos seemed even more appropriate considering they all looked so damn good.  

I pulled each aside, and snapped a photo.  

The group was about to head to dinner, and then to the bar.  Seeing how good they looked, and how excited they were, I began to reconsider my position of staying in, and off my ankle.

Shortly after I took a few photos, I left.  Once in my car I began thinking I should probably attend the event and it didn't take long before attending became my focus.  It’s funny how easily wants can take priority over needs.

In hindsight, I couldn't have been happier about my decision.

I arrived at the bar, only to be greeted by my old friend who was working the door, and that was the theme of the night.  The bar was filled faces of people I hadn't seen in quite sometime.  Although sometimes it did take a few moments for me to realize just who I was talking to.  Halloween has a tendency to alter appearances.

Derrick and Seth, the ones from San Fransisco, who were Djing the event, put on an incredible show.  Together they make up Enso, and they’re kick ass.  They fed from the energy of the crowd and the crowd from them.  It’s great to experience them as people, and then as performers.  The folks at Loom know talent, and they know how to throw a party.  The Masquerade is a highly anticipated event, and rightfully so.  I feel foolish for missing it last year.

The whiskey muffled the screams of my ailing ankle, and I danced the night away.  But after a while, I succeeded to the pain, said my goodbyes, and called it a night.  

The next day, Sunday, I reviewed the images from the engagement shoot and the portraits of my friends, and seeing what had resulted made it all a little more worthwhile.  

I elevated my ankle and tuned in football, and prepared myself for a long day of healing.

It really was a great weekend (with the exception of the Packers loss).  Today, I’m happy to share some of the portraits from the weekend, as well as a few from earlier this month.  

A big thank you to everyone for being as awesome this weekend!

Click on the link below for the weekends portraits.