The New Year!

Hey, woah! What? Nice.


Eight, that’s the number of months it has been since I have paid rent.  Pretty cool, but even more cool that I have cool friends who have been doing me solids and letting my crash at their pads.  Including, but not limited to, mom and dad.  


Feb one marks a new year for me, because I signed a lease (I know, crazy right?), and I paid three months of rent so I could sign the damn thing (I know, ridiculous right?).  As it turns out, when you haven’t received a paycheck in greater than eight months, landlords give you that discouraging look of doubt when considering you as a tenant.  And with the housing market the way it is in Austin (7 billion people move here daily), another candidate is always eagerly waiting behind you to slide right in.  This is something I have experienced more than a few times since arriving back in Austin just over a month ago.  But, money talks.  And if you throw enough of it at the right person, you’ll get the green light to move in.


So that’s what happened, and it feels good (sort of) to have a “home” again.  One with my own bed (recently purchased on Amazon Prime, free shipping! Woot!), and a closet scattered with what I didn’t give away before I left on my trip.


My belongings carry the rather unflattering odor of the outdoor storage shed they sat in for the entirety of my recent journey.  If they were sentient creatures, I’m sure the smell would be one they brought on themselves as a way of saying, “thanks for leaving us behind, bro”.  


Yes, my clothes say ‘bro’, what of it!?!


So now I’m back, I guess, and ready to do all of those thing I said I wanted to do when I was making excuses for why I couldn’t do them.


I have a new flatmate and friend.  She goes by Michele.  She has a cool dog, named Zeva, and we all met on the Craigslist.  They're from Maryland.

She’s completely new to Austin, and I’ve been eager to show her everything.  Our recent explorations have included:

  • The Green Belt
  • Zilker Park
  • Barton Springs
  • Thai Fresh
  • Brew N Brew
  • Bull Creek
  • Jo’s Coffee
  • The White Horse
  • Rainey Street

Basically the essentials.  Her and her hairy beast seem to be adjusting well.  Which doesn’t say much considering it’s been 75º and sunny in the middle of winter.

Friday night I made my way to the Austin Airport to pick up my friend Aubrey, who was escaping the gloomy, rain filled land of San Francisco.  She couldn’t have picked a better weekend to visit.


Aubrey, like most people I know, is cool.  Working as a private chef for a SF startup, Aubrey is an extraordinarily talented individual.  I spent the majority of the weekend pushing for her to move to Austin.  Something she was already considering.  Although I believe she wants to move her for some great reasons, I’m afraid my reasons were a little more selfish.  Once you try her cooking, you’ll feel the same way.


We went out and about, explored and conquered (err whatever), and finished our weekend with a backyard fire, good company and meal prepared by a private chef…. ;)


All in all, it as a great weekend and a great way to start the new year!


This year excites the hell out of me! I can’t help but think about the potential of Austin.  Being here, living in the present and living without expectations or excuses.  My goals for this year involve getting back in shape, becoming more disciplined in achieving my goals, and making my dog the Dog Mayor of Austin (Sid would also accept the title of Official Dog of Austin or Dog of the Universe, he’s not picky).


And I’m going to blog more, because life is cray, and I want to remember it as it passes.  I don’t know who I am going to be in ten years, let alone next week, but what I do know is that I want to become a better person as each day passes.


Time is unique, complex and exciting.  It is infinite and impossible to comprehend.  As I look back at what I have done and who I have become, I realize being present at all times is all that I can do.  I don’t know where I am going or who I will be, but I’m excited to find out.

Left to right: Aubrey, Michele, Alex (Sid & Zeva)