Meet Ik.


He’s the biggest guy I know.


He and I meet roughly eight years ago.   We both attended Northwest Missouri State.  Ik is from Kansas City and played football at NW.  Through the social grape vine, we became friends and shared some moments that I will never forget. 


Ik moved to Austin about a year ago.  He is now a rep for supplement company PRGNX.  Their products are geared to the ultimate athletes, specifically CrossFitters. 


Ik has lost weight since college, and (clearly) replaced it with lean mass.  While we were shooting, I noticed how oversized shorts were.  His belt was the only thing keeping them up.  I even went as far as to recommend that he get some jeans that actually fit him.  He responded with something I feel only Bo Jackson could relate to.


“Alex,” he said, “I have a size 28 waist.  But I have to wear 36’s because my thighs are too big to fit into anything smaller.”


It’s good to have friends like Ik!  Check out our shoot below. 


             Warehouse - East Austin


            Canon 24mm f/1.4

            Canon 35mm f/1.4

            Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS v II


            Canon 6D


            Natural w/ reflector


            Lightroom 5