Krause Springs '14.

Jeezey Pete!  What a glorious oasis this place is.  Located just an hour outside the hustle and bustle of Austin, Krause Springs offers a different style of camping.

Privately owned, Krause caters to those city folk looking for a good Friday night, but also an encounter with nature.  Because it is private property, quite time doesn't start until everyone's asleep.  Whether that be 10pm or 2am.  Probably not the ideal camping situation for those looking to get away, but here the lively atmosphere is expected.  I guess the best way to describe it would be "hybrid camping".   A good mix of party and sleeping under the stars.

We went out for the meteor shower, but for the most part all we saw was clouds.  Never the less, it was a great time.  

Krause Springs is covered with dense, unique vegetation.  The cool springs sit just a few hundred feet from the camping spots and accommodate the needs of all of their visitors.  There is a rope to swing from, a cliff to leap from, and rocks to lay out on.

My only regret about this trip, is not getting a group photo before we left!

A couple of weeks ago, GoPro sent me some gear and a camera to shoot video of pygmy goats.  This was my first opportunity trying out their latest camera, the Hero 3+ Black edition.  Take a gander at the short video I made and the photos below.  


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