Grand Canyon & Havasu Falls

I enjoy taking pictures (if you couldn’t tell).  I enjoy it so much, that my computer is running out space to hold my captures.  I have images that I love, and have yet to share.  The unfortunate thing is that these images that I love are images that others are waiting to see.  


What many people do not understand, is that as a photographer, I am not simply pressing a shutter, recording and image, and posting it to the worldwide web.  I realize you can do that with your iPhone but my process is a little more complicated.   


First of all, photography is that it isn’t cheap! The amount of money invested in this equipment is ridiculous, and the expense is probably more than you’d think.  Secondly, that cost is trumped by the years of practice and research necessary to compose and understand this equipment, so that it can be used to it’s fullest capabilities (to provide you with a bada** profile picture).  Please keep that in mind when you want to use a photographers image without providing photo credit.  It’s how we make our living, don’t be disrespectful!


But I digress.


The point is, taking a lot of pictures often puts me in a tough place, because my work comes first and always hold priority over my play.  Even though the photos from my play are much more interesting (to me at least).  


Recently I went on a trip to the Grand Canyon, with a couple of guys and a dog.  Simply put, it was an adventure.  Car problems, grueling hikes and epic sights, this trip had it all.


But I’m not going to get too much into the specifics, yet.  I have two other trips that I need to post before I take the time to truly share this experience.


The photos I will post next are those from my 88 hr road trip last September.  These are some of my favorites images. Frankly, I owe my friend Luis greatly, as I have pushed the completion of those edits further and further back.  


So here’s a taste of the Grand Canyon trip from the past weekend.  


The characters in this story are Travis, Stephen and Sid (of course).


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Hope you enjoy!

Thanks!  Looking forward to your feedback.