Shaun, Chris & a wedding.

There isn't much that I enjoy more than snapping candid photos of memorable moments.  The weekend before last, I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Shaun and Chris.

I met Chris when I first moved to Austin.  He was our neighbor to the east when I lived on Red Bluff Road.  In the two plus years that we were neighbors, we shared many experiences and now, many memories.  

It was on a Sunday morning, a while back, when Chris invited me over for a brunch he was hosting.  When I arrived I found a room full people, all wearing smiles.  I soon found out that the night before Chris had asked Shaun to be his wife.

In this moment, I don't know that I had seen Chris happier, and that's not to see he's not a chipper dude.  It was great.  There was excitement and love in the air, and the food wasn't too bad either.   

A few weeks later, I moved out of that house, but reconnected with the two to take their engagement photos, and then again for their wedding.  Together, they are perfect, it's plain to see.  Hopefully the images below give you a taste of that, because love was certainly in the air.

Here's to you, Shaun and Chris!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!