Mountain Wedding - Aly + Zach

Mountain Wedding - Aly + Zach

Zach & Aly got hitched! 

It happened in Winter Park, Colorado.  I just happened to be there to document the whole thing.  The wedding ceremony and reception took place at close to 13k feet elevation, up in the mountains of Winter Park.  It was the perfect place for these two to become one.  This wedding was different in many ways, and presented unique and exciting challenges for me as a photographer.  

There were two main photographers, and another who picked up all the shots the two of us missed.  I followed the groom, Zach, around all day.  I was with him as he ate breakfast, wrote his vows, changed clothes and then I documented him performing all of the obligations that a groom has on his wedding day.  Like, doing shots of rye whiskey (among other things!).  

The other photographer, did about the same for the bride, Aly.  Aly and Zach spent the day far from one another, before coming together for the "first look".  So, you'll notice this album has plenty of photos of Zach. Fortunately, I was able to get a few photos of Aly before the ceremony took place!

They are an incredible couple.  I'd say that together they are two of the biggest dorks I know! They are also two of the most kind, generous and beautiful people I know. It was an honor to be a part of their wedding, and participate the way I did.

These two are perfect for one another, and as you look through the images from their day, I'm sure that will become obvious!


Congrats Zach & Aly!!

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